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New Capernaum Church

The church is built on eight columns joined to four foundations. On each of these foundations Lipsker installed 24 permanent, vertical duplex anchors at a depth of 16 meters, with expanded pressure at the end (a Lipsker method). All this was executed in difficult conditions of basalt rock, clay and water. In addition, the Company executed all the prestressed concrete work on site, which included fixing the columns to the foundations using DYWIDAG rods vertically and tensioning the basement roof beams horizontally.

In this project the anchoring and foundations were executed seven years before the commencement of upward construction, and during this time the Haifa Technion conducted research and development to monitor the sinking of the foundations, and also residual load testing. As construction progressed and the building’s load was exerted on the foundations, the load on the anchors was lessened in accordance with the building’s additional weight.