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Geotechnical Instrumenation

Permanent anchors (and temporary anchors when required), can be fitted with an integral anchor head, containing an SAM ׁ)Download- (להוסיף type system for the constant measurement of residual load (an exclusive development by the Lipsker Company). These two innovations in the field of anchors – Precise, anti-corrosion coatings for each individual cable strand and the sophisticated residual load measuring system, make Lipsker anchors the safest and most reliable anchors available in the marketplace, with independent, constant monitoring systems to ensure that they are in good working order. The plant also manufactures anchors installed with injected cement grouting or an epoxy mixture, using a specially designed injection system, which ensures that the anchor’s entire bond length is filled and has no cracks. That process improves the quality of the anchor’s anti-corrosion protection to reach unprecedented heights.

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