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Drill Hollow Bar System

DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar System- Advantages and Characteristics

The main advantages of the DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar are:
*Fast drilling and placing due to drilling, anchor installation and grouting in a single operation.
*Neither separate anchor installation nor removal of casing and drill rods.
*Similar installation methods for all ground conditions.
*Choice of drill bits for different ground conditions.
*The hollow core not only serves for flushing with air or water during drilling, but also for grouting the anchor tendon.
*Flexibility in length by using couplers.
*Ability to work with small drill rigs without casing in restricted headroom Conditions.
*Accommodation of needs for enhanced protection against corrosion upon request.
*The accepted high standard of quality control from production stage to installation of the DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar Anchors ensures consistent quality.

Fields of Application
*soil nails.
*micro piles.
*temporary anchors.