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GEWI® Piles

GEWI® Pi-Advantages and Characteristics:

The DYWIDAG GEWI® Pile is a drilled micropile with a steel core made of the GEWI® Bar with hot-rolled, continuous thread deformations on both sides, the so-called coarse GEWI® Thread. The steel core is sheathed by cement grout which acts both as corrosion protection and load transfer into the soil or rock. *Robust coarse thread remains threadable even when dirty or damaged.
*can be cut off and spliced at any given point.
*excellent load transfer into concrete structures by means of anchoring elements.
*a small drill hole diameter allows economic drilling equipment.
*tensile, compression and alternating loads can be transferred to the same Extent.
*the coarse GEWI® Thread guarantees maximum bond between steel and cement grout.
*the stress-strain curve of the GEWI® Bar shows high ductility.
*continuing settlements can be stopped by preloaded GEWI® Piles.
*load transfer into the soil is optimized by the post-grouting system.
*Double Corrosion Protected Piles can be used in aggressive media such as seawater or water leaking from dump sites.