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Dywidag Bars

The Advantages of the DYWIDAG System

Lipsker & Co. is the exclusive representative in Israel for the international companies DSI (DYWIDAG) Systems International in the field of geotechnics and DSI (ALWAG) in the field of tunneling. Lipsker and DSI have been linked for some 30 years.

For many years now, DSI has been the source for a broad range of leading products. The most famous DSI brand is of course the DYWIDAG steel bar. Made from special steel and threaded along its entire length, this bar has much greater strength and many other obvious advantages over regular ribbed construction steel bars, which are supplied by steel mills only as a raw material, without any end thread. Of course that means that they must be processed before use.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that DYWIDAG is the preferred steel for geotechnical and tunneling work all over the globe. The world understands that when you chose DYWIDAG, you are choosing a uniform, tried and tested, safe method. With DYWIDAG, you know what you are getting and there are no unpleasant surprises, which could lead to failures and potential disaster.

The DYWIDAG system includes a very broad range of produces and the very highest quality, original accessories. The many advantages of the DYWIDAG system, including the full length thread, make it an outstanding system in terms of work convenience and execution speed.

Designing with DYWIDAG in mind makes life much easier for both designers and executing contractors. They know they can rely on it. Lipsker markets bars with diameters from 12mm to 75mm and strengths from 500/550 to 950/1050. All bars and accessories are supplied with testing certificates from the manufacturer, ensuring compliance with the stringent German and European Standards. The manufacturer also provides chemical analysis certificates.