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The Anchors Plant

Anchor Manufacturing Plant
Lipsker’s customer service system for the field of geotechnics includes a computerized, automated plant for the manufacture of temporary and permanent cable anchors. The plant is the only one of its type in the Middle East.
Typically, cable anchors manufactured by Lipsker & Co. have maximum protection against corrosion; principally because Lipsker uses a very advanced threading and greasing system, which enables serial production of temporary and permanent anchors, with almost no manual inputs. The system cuts the steel cables to the required lengths, separates them into individual strands and covers the strands in corrosion inhibiting materials. After gathering the strands together and re-winding them into a cable, it is threaded into a covering pipe. Using this method means precise threading lengths at the free end of the anchor and the very highest corrosion resistance properties, which cannot be achieved during a manual manufacturing process. The technique is very special and it is implemented only at Lipsker and a very small number of European plants.

Lipsker & Co. manufactures anchors in full compliance with the European and German Standards, and the Israeli Standard published in January 2011. The Company’s quality assurance system is certified ISO 9001 – 2008 and inspected by the Israel Standards Institute.
Lipsker & Co. can manufacture and supply very large quantities of temporary and permanent anchors on any given work day, because the Lipsker plant has two production lines, which can work both independently and simultaneously. Our very high rate of production is far beyond anything achievable using manual methods. That gives us a very considerable advantage when manufacturing permanent anchors, which is an even more complex process.

The large scale production capacity at the Lipsker anchor manufacturing plant provides our clients with another advantage, because each individual shipment contains a large number of anchors and that produces a significant saving on transportation costs.
Permanent anchors (and temporary anchors when required), can be fitted with an integral anchor head, containing an SAM type system for the constant measurement of residual load (an exclusive development by the Lipsker Company). These two innovations in the field of anchors – Precise, anti-corrosion coatings for each individual cable strand and the sophisticated residual load measuring system, make Lipsker anchors the safest and most reliable anchors available in the marketplace, with independent, constant monitoring systems to ensure that they are in good working order. The plant also manufactures anchors installed with injected cement grouting or an epoxy mixture, using a specially designed injection system, which ensures that the anchor’s entire bond length is filled and has no cracks. That process improves the quality of the anchor’s anti-corrosion protection to reach unprecedented heights.

The entire anchor manufacturing process is monitored very closely and carefully by the Company’s engineers – from the anchor structure planning stage, all through manufacturing and delivery to the client. Lipsker & Co. provides clients with professional support services from the anchor structure design stage to completion of installation on site.
Lipsker & Co. markets temporary and permanent cable anchors of all types and with lengths of up to 30 or more meters. In addition, Lipsker & Co. also markets DSI threaded bar anchors (thread bars) and ancillary products for anchoring systems, such as plates, clamps, wedges, wedge plates, advanced tensioning systems and more…