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The Lipsker Company was founded in 1962 in Tel Aviv by Yitzchak Lipsker after he had worked for 10 years at TAHAL – the Israel Water Resources Development Company. In the mid 1980’s, his son Yoram joined the Company’s management team.

Initially, the Company focused on test borings and the execution of pilings for retaining walls and foundations, but soon began expanding its areas of expertise to include anchoring, tunneling, underpinning, slope stabilization and more…

During its 50 years of wide ranging activities in Israel and abroad (Iran, Nigeria, Cyprus and Angola), the Company has executed thousands of different types of piles used for foundations, retaining walls and underpinning, in all types of soil and rock conditions, including in very difficult conditions in terms of both access and geology.

Lipsker was the first Israeli company to execute soil anchors (beginning in 1964) and since then, the Company has executed tens of thousands of temporary and permanent soil anchors all over the country.

In 1998, Lipsker received the Construction Excellence Prize, awarded by the Israel Contractors and Builders Association for the work done on the Masada cable car project The Masada project was complex on an international scale. Lipsker executed the underpinning from the top of the Masada cliffs, which required the installation of permanent, 150 ton working load anchors at great heights. It was the first time that an Israeli engineering company had ever executed anchors with such large working loads.

Lipsker & Co. (as it is now known) specializes in the execution of all types of tunneling work using NATM (the New Austrian Tunneling Method) and was the first contracting company in Israel to execute tunneling work in soft soil, including tunneling for a wide range of uses: Roads, railway lines etc. Projects in which Lipsker has played a role include: The Elite tunnel in Ramat Gan; the Shappirim tunnel near Ben Gurion Airport; the Eshkol tunnel in Jerusalem; the Anava tunnel in Modi’in, the Hadassah tunnel in Jerusalem; tunnels for the Ministry of Defense and more…

The Company has developed special methods used to increase foundation bearing capacity where access is limited and minimal thickness retaining systems enabling the execution of work inside and adjacent to buildings in dense urban environments.

Israel’s Leading Specialist Tasks Company

The Company’s most significant advantage is its vast experience in the execution of specialist geotechnical tasks, which are unusually complex in terms of their professional requirements and logistics. Such tasks cannot be executed using regular methods and equipment and require unique engineering solutions. Lipsker & Co. is Israel’s foremost company in the execution of such specialist work.

To retain its technical advantage, Lipsker invests heavily in the development of unique equipment, working methods and the purchase of technologies from abroad (Switzerland, Germany and Austria).

The Company is the proud owner of 15 patents registered in Israel and abroad (including the USA). Those patents protect drilling equipment, anchors, instrumentation and execution methods.


Lipsker is well known for its outstanding reliability. All Lipsker & Co. work, including the most complex tasks, has been completed to our clients’ full satisfaction.

The Company is registered as a government contractor; as a supplier to the Ministry of Defense; as member of the Builders and Contractors Organization with an “Unlimited” classification and is ISO 9001:2008 certified by the Israel Standards Institute.

The Company’s clients include Government Companies, Ministries involved in construction and development, project developers and private building companies.

Human Resources and Logistical Advantages

Lipsker & Co. places special emphasis on its employee’s professional expertise and employs engineers and technicians with the highest possible professional standards.

The Company’s engineering team plans the execution of the work and is also responsible for the construction of special tools and tailor made equipment prior to the beginning of the actual work.

Before each project begins, Lipsker plans and prepares for the work; adapts the equipment required and constructs the specialist equipment needed for the task at the Company’s plant at Kadima. Execution at the work site is managed by highly experienced and professional engineers and work managers, some of whom have been employed by the Company for over 20 years.