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Innovations & Patents

Since its inception the Company maintains mutual relations and exchange of know-how with leading European companies in the field (e.g., in Germany and Switzerland) and is particularly proud of the 15 patents registered under its name in Israel and overseas (including the USA) pertaining to: drilling equipment, anchors, instrumentation and execution methods.

Multi Stripe Polymer Anchor-Lipsker's System
Lipsker & Co. is the only manufacturer in Israel that manufactures Polymer anchors for the anchoring of retaining walls, without the use of any steel parts.

So far, more than 1000 Polymer anchors have been installed in three main projects in the Tel-Aviv area. The anchors were tested up to a load of 90 Tons:

At the Galei-Gil Shaft (N.T.A) Ramat-Gan project- we installed 60 Tons service load anchors.

At the Mid-Town Project- 144 Menachem Begin St., Tel-Aviv- we installed 73 Tons anchors.  A Total of 723 Polymer anchors are now executed.
At the Tzamarot Dan Tower project- 105 Zabotinsky St. Ramat-Gan- we installed anchors up to a service load of 65 Tons.

In addition, the Company has collaborated with other bodies in development planning:

  • A project for the Ministry of Housing and the Haifa Technion for the research and development to improve the bearing capacity of piles by expansion of pressure (1988).
  • A development project in conjunction with the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Trade and Industry on the subject of ground anchors, structure and method (1987).