Masada, 1971 The Mountaintop Cableway To establish the cableway, the base of the cable drum had to be fixed to the rock by means of permanent anchors. Apart from the difficulty of drilling ...   read more

Kishon Port, Haifa

Lipsker. installed permanent, 25-meter deep anchors at Kishon Port to reinforce the pier. This was executed by means of a drilling machine manufactured at the Lipsker plant that was specially adap ...   read more

Binyanei Hauma, Jerusalem

In the course of quarrying work on the foundations of Binyanei Hauma in Jerusalem when the building was being extended, ovens for firing bricks that were built, it seems, by the 10th Roman Legion ...   read more

Beit She'an Site

In the reconstruction of the ancient columns we had to connect all the column's sections while maintaining maximal precision when fitting the sections to one another. To this end a special sy ...   read more