Kishon Port, Haifa

Lipsker. installed permanent, 25-meter deep anchors at Kishon Port to reinforce the pier. This was executed by means of a drilling machine manufactured at the Lipsker plant that was specially adap ...   read more

The Bahai World Center, Haifa

Twelve rows of permanent anchors with double anti-corrosion protection. 50 mm diameter DYWIDAG steel rods. 7” drilling diameter, a state-of-the-art monitoring and measuring system: Thre ...   read more

Renovation of the Haifa Carmelit Subway

Prior to the Haifa Carmelit resuming operation, Lipsker. carried out all the geotechical works connected with the tunnel’s restoration: Core sample drilling for the geological surv ...   read more

New Capernaum Church

The church is built on eight columns joined to four foundations. On each of these foundations Lipsker installed 24 permanent, vertical duplex anchors at a depth of 16 meters, with expanded pressur ...   read more

The New Tel Aviv Central Bus Station

Test borings, load tests, temporary and permanent anchors. An anchored element wall cast on site, the first of its kind in Israel.     read more