Drill Hollow Bar System

DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar System- Advantages and Characteristics The main advantages of the DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar are: *Fast drilling and placing due to drilling, anchor installation a ...   read more

Rock Bolts

DYWIDAG Rock Bolts- Advantages and Characteristics *high loads with small borehole diameters. *continuous bar thread allows cutting at any point, length adaptation on site, easy to orde ...   read more

Tensioning Equipment

Lipsker supplies DSI tensioning systems – the best in the world for post tensioning and for tensioning bar and cable soil anchors. This is the lightest mobile anchor tensioning equipment o ...   read more

Geotechnical Instrumenation

SAM Permanent anchors (and temporary anchors when required), can be fitted with an integral anchor head, containing an SAM ׁ)Download- (להוסיף type system for the constant measurement ...   read more

Strand Anchors

DYWIDAG Strand Anchors System - Advantages and Characteristics *Large transport lengths avoid splices. *Need little space during transport, storage and installation. *Sturdiness against damage e ...   read more

Polimer Anchors

Anchor Manufacturing Plant Lipsker’s customer service system for the field of geotechnics includes a computerized, automated plant for the manufacture of temporary and permanent ...   read more